INFORMATION: SEAL Team 6 / Six DEVGRU Blue Squadron Shooter Navy Challenge Coin

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This is a unique REAL vs. FAKE.

An eBay seller sold the REAL version many months ago, and now it appears they made FAKEs of the REAL one and are selling them as legit coins. We even blackout the seller's own images of the Authentic coin they sold to protect it from any futher fakes being made.

IMAGE # 1, on the left side is show the FAKE version now being sold, more than likely there are 50-100 of these made.

IMAGE #2, shows an image used in selling the REAL coin months ago and is now being placed with flipside Jolly Roger Fake coin.


We provide this service for the military veterans and collectors to hopefully prevent them from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on bogus $15 fakes.