REAL vs. FAKE and Other Coin Information

This area is to share some information we have learned the hard and expensive way.

We have been receiving a noteworthy amount of positive feedback for this section.  We will try to add a couple items every month to this area. 

View information regarding specific challenge coins, select items marked as SOLD OUT -$0.00 and you will be able to compare actual unit or official's coin images to fakes and, reproductions (reunion, museum, etc)


REAL vs. FAKE Websites:

D&R Military Specialties: Fake Challenge Coins

The Commander's Corner: Stolen Honor


INFORMATION:  Challenge Coin Value

When assesing value, it is recommended collectors learn what they can about the type of coins dealers are selling.  Know the difference between dealers which sell actual unit or legit high ranking official coins; vice dealers which sell replica, reproduction, and/or fake coins.  There are a  number of dealers, which sell the later without clearly stating or identifying their coins as a replicas, fakes, or reproductions. 

Here is a site which lists 14 of the highest prices paid for challenge coins.  In addition, this article provides some insightful collector tips: