RED ALERT: SEAL Team 6 / DEVGRU FAKE vs. REAL 2015/16 Navy Challenge Coin

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We have been alerted to ths coin being auctioned on eBay starting at $500.00.  The biggest tell on this coin not being legit is the Trident side of the coin.  On the legit coin the Trident side Vanguard Indusries used the same 2015/16 diecast on a number of SEAL Team 6 challenge coin, most notably the 2015 and 2016 DEVGRU Command coins.  This fake Red Squadron Trident side diecast is a total mismatch.

Images #1 through #4

1.  This image shows the actual fake coin as presented for sale.

2.  This images shows the actual  SEAL Team 6, Red Squadron coin made by Vanguard Industries with blackout to deter fakes being made.

3.  This image shows the Trident side of the FAKE Vs REAL coin.  This is the classic diecast used on many SEAL Team 6 coins produced by Vanguard Industries.  You clearly see the problems with the fake version of this coin.

4.  On the rattlesnake tomahawk side we simple just show the right hand side tomahawk and the lack of detail on the fake coin when compared to the real version.

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