INFORMATION: SEAL Team 10 / Ten Deployment 2021 Serial Numbered Navy Challenge Coin(s)

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Information on these SEAL Team 10, 2021 Deployment Challenge Coins:

1. There are 6 different versions of SEAL 10 Team's 2021 Deployment Challenge Coins.

2. Theses coin are approximately 3 1/4 by 3 1/4 inches.

3.  The top row left to right are three different color version's of ST10's 2021 Deployment coin.  

    -- Possibly a non troop level coin given out to all ST10 members and support members which supported a specific Troop's rotation during deployment?  In other words, a specific color coin to match a troop's support during their time of being deployed?  (anyone with information on the reason for multiple colors of non-Troop ST10 Deployment coins, please email

4.  Yellow ST10 (Bottom Left):  SEAL Team 10, 1-Troop 2021 Deployment Coin.

5.  Copper and Ruby Red ST10 (Bottom Center): SEAL Team 10, 2-Troop 2021 Deployment Coin.

6.  Black and White ST10 (Bottom Right): SEAL Team 10, 3-Troop 2021 Deployment Coin.

7.  QTY=50, Troop Level Coins  ////  QTY=?, ST10 Unit Level

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