Military Working Dog K9 Handler Force X Challenge Coin

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DoD Military Working Dog
Force X = Force Multiplier
Patrol, Drug and Explosive Detection
Specialized Mission Functions 
 Guardians of the Night
Challenge Coin 

Condition: New 

This oin is 1 3/4 inches in diameter with epoxy on both sides.


The military working dog has been around since the beginning of warfare.  In 1942, the US Army had a K-9 Corps. The term K-9 comes from the phonetic term "Canine."  During WWII nearly all breeds both big and little were used.  The dogs served in the following capacity sentry duty, scout and patrol, message running, and mine detection (Explosives).  Today, you can add the job of sniffing out narcotics.

Due to different qualities needed in the dogs it was decided that the “German Shepherd” would be the working dog of choice because they could handle all types of service, climates, and be bred to meet Department of Defense (DoD) needs.

The Army trained working dogs for all services initially, and then the job was passed to each respective service for a short period. But, in 1957, the DoD tasked the Air Force to purchase and train sentry dogs for the Army, Navy and Marines.

 These military dogs have been hard at work in the pacific region, Afghanistan and Iraq.