Central Intelligence Agency / CIA Maya Red X / SEAL Team 6 DEVGRU Challenge Coin

  • $20.00

10th Anniversary

Central Intelligence Agency

CIA Codename: Maya

 CIA Maya Red X / SEAL Team 6 / DEVGRU

Laser Etched on Edge

10th Anniversary GERONINMO E-KIA 1May2020 / RMC

Serial Number

Challenge Coin


Condition:  New.    Please see picture.

The coin is approximately 1 3/4 inches in diameter.   GERONIMO E-KIA = Bin Laden Enemy Killed in Action.  They each have a unique serial number, you will receive a random serial numbered coin.  A great filler until maybe acquiring a REAL one?

The original Maya Challenge Coin was made by the lead CIA Agent which was the person behind locating Bin Laden in Pakistan and involved in the planning of Operation NEPTUNE SPEAR to get Bin Laden.  This coin is next to impossible to acquire, thus the making of the easily identifiable reproduction of this nice coin.  NOTE:  There are fakes of the original coin still floating around, which were being sold for hundreds to thousands of dollars.

 The New York City 9-11 Museum, has an authentic Maya coin on display.

Additional Information on the actual/real CIA Maya coin provided here as told by museum's Chief Curator:

The Atlantic


9/11 Museum Displays Items From Mission to Kill Osama Bin Laden

The exhibition is also comprised of a so-called challenge coin, which was donated by “Maya,” the alias for the CIA operative who pursued bin Laden, and a brick recovered from the compound where the al-Qaeda leader was killed...

The challenge coin was created to commemorate the successful operation that eliminated bin Laden. One side of the coin is marked “May 1, 2011,” the U.S. date when the operation occurred. The other side shows a red “X” mark. After9/11, President George W. Bush kept a list in his desk of key al-Qaeda operatives still at large. Whenever one was exposed, arrested or killed, he would make a red X through the assailant’s name. 

(REF:  McDuffee, Allen, 7 Sep 2014, The Atlantic)