Central Intelligence Agency VII-XVIII-XIX Global Response Staff GRS Benghazi, Libya Challenge Coin

  • $2,500.00

Central Intelligence Agency CIA

Global Response Staff (GRS)

Benghazi, Libya

Remembrance Challenge Coin

Condition: Used, and in nice shape. Please see picture.

This coin was acquired from a member of the company. This is the Benghazi remembrance coin. Please compare closely to similar coins, especially, the Jerusalem Cross? This is the corrected version of this coin, the first version had a Roman Numeral error IXX on the coin, which is not a valid Roman Number. The correct Roman Number is XIX for 19, for the 19th position of the alphabet for the letter "S" in GRS.

The coin is 1 13/16 (just over 1 3/4") inches in diameter, raised relief with hard baked enamel.

Where the three Roman Numerals correspond to three positions in the alphabet, and spell GRS for Global Response Staff:

VII = 7=G, XVIII=18=R, and XIX=19=S