German Panavia Tornado Aircraft JABO G33 MUNSS Nuclear Munitions Challenge Coin

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Buechel, Germany

Nuclear Munitions / MUNSS

Panavia Tornado Aircraft

Nuclear Delivery Capability

Air Force Challenge Coin


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This coin is 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

The TaktLwG 33 has been operating German Panavia Tornado airplanes since 1985, which are capable of delivering the twenty B61 nuclear bombs, which are stored and maintained by the 702 MUNSS of the USAF. Under the NATO nuclear sharing arrangement, these twenty B61 bombs require a dual key system, with the simultaneous authorizations of Germany and the United States, before any action is taken. The air base has been the only location in Germany with nuclear weapons since 2007.[2]

Büchel Air Base

According to the press, Eastern European Member States of NATO have resisted the withdrawal of the shared nuclear bombs from Europe, fearing it would show a weakening of the US commitment to defend Europe against Russia.[3]