Helicopter Sea Combat Sq 84 HSC-84 Red Wolves Serial #089 Special Operations SEALs CMDCM Navy Challenge Coin

  • $275.00

This coin is 2 inches in diameter with epoxy on both sides. Serial number: 089

Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 84 (HSC-84) "Red Wolves" was a helicopter squadron of the United States Navy Reserve. Along with the "Firehawks" of HSC-85, the “Red Wolves” were one of only two squadrons in the U.S. Navy dedicated to supporting Navy SEAL and SWCC Teams, and Combat Search & Rescue. Prior to their deactivation in March 2016 they operated 14 HH-60H Rescue Hawks organized into four independent, two aircraft detachments that could deploy anywhere in the world within 72 hours of notice.[1]


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