Limited SEAL Team 6 Serial Number ### / 250 Operation NEPTUNE SPEAR Navy Challenge Coin / 160th SOAR

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Commemorative Coin

Limited and Serial Numbered:


Naval Special Warfare Development Group / DEVGRU

SEAL Team 6  



© Artwork and Design by Rolyat Military Collectibles

IMPORTANT NOTE : This is NOT an actual unit coin, but is one of the 251 limited number produced Operation NEPTUNE SPEAR coins made within a couple months of the operation to commemorate the event. It is one of the best, if not the best coin designed to recognize the amazing actions of our remarkable special operations members.

You will receive a random serialized coin from the very few remaining. You will receive one similar to the one pictured.

This coin is 1 3/4 inches in diameter with epoxy on both sides.

There are only 251 total made: serial numbers 000/250 through 250/250. We certify and assure there were only 251 of these coins ever made.

It has the makers mark of "RCC" on Bin Laden's left shoulder or right side of coin.

Description of the challenge coin:


Written around the edge: OPERATION NEPTUNE SPEAR name of the operation (SEAL Team 6 Flash emblem on each side), which took down Osama Bin Laden, DEVGRU / 160th SOAR, at the bottom is the date of the operation 2 May 2011 (on each side is a graphic of Neptune's Spear), and the location Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Emblems on Edge: On each side (left and right sides) is the Naval Special Warfare Development Group/DEVGRU/Seal Team 6 flash, and 160th with flying wings (bottom) - represents 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

In center: Is the Naval Special Warfare Development Group unit designator.


Center: There is a graphic representing Osama Bin Laden and on the left are the dates 10Mar57 - 2May11 the lifetime of enemy #1. Right side has the makers mark of RCC.

Emblems: Naval Special Warfare Development Group Flash on left side of serial numbering and 160th SOAR emblem on the right side.

Words around edge: Above graphic, Seal Team 6, a graphic of Neptune's Spear, and then Geronimo E-KIA.. The US Flag on both sides of coin. Around the bottom USS Carl Vinson, a graphic of a Neptune's Spear, and the words Arabian Sea. Inner circle have the words: COUNTERTERRORISM ERADICATION TEAMWORK!.