Mal Ad Aosteo "Bad to the Bone" SEAL Ser #063 Navy Challenge Coin - ERROR Rare!

  • $75.00

This coin is 2 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/4 inches high.  This coin is tarnished and has surface marks from age/handling.

Very 1st Version of this challenge coin! Mal Ad Aosteo "Bad to the Bone" SEAL Serial #063 He Who Sheds His Blood With Me, Shall Forever Be My Brother Polished Silver Toned Navy Challenge Coin

NOTE 1: Error version (1st one ever made) only 100 made! The error is in the Latin phrase, Mal Al Aosteo it should read Mal Al Ostreo.

NOTE 2: Never personally given any of the coins. They are from either purchases of collections or from professional makers of military challenge coins.