Naval Special Warfare Navy SEALs BUDS Class #312 Challenge Coin

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1 1/2 inch Challenge Coin

Slight smudge like appearance around word "class" shown in picture.

The photo is of Class 312 during Hell week, taken by Darren McBurnett.

The following is an excerpt from an article written and photographed by Darren McBurnett which captions this photo of Class 312 during Hell Week.

I then made the decision to follow the students through Hell Week (a defining event in BUDS training). I’d live out of the truck, take showers back at the SEAL teams when needed, and then get back to the grind. The instructors gave me pointers so I could prep my shots and then I would take the truck to the next evolution and wait while getting a few hours of shut-eye. I was tired when Class 312 secured from those five and a half days, but it was worth it.

It was a true privilege and honor to be a part of that project, working under great leadership with a vision. The images are all stand-alone photos. No one could recreate them. If you haven’t been through BUDS, then you can’t see it like I do. I’ll move on in my life and do other things and I don’t know where my photographic career will ultimately go, but I will never forget this project. I am humbled and honored that it has been so well received. I look forward to seeing what will inspire me next.


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