Red Squadron Arrow DEVGRU Naval Special Warfare SEAL Team 6 Navy Challenge Coin

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Recently, we have been receiving many questions on these DEVGRU Navy Challenge Coins.   This coin is NOT an actual DEVGRU unit coin.  It is a fake or fantasy coin.   If you have doubt please directly inquire with the seller, and/or dealer and follow-up and ask questions elsewhere if you do have concerns.

Also, of note there are some dealers which have had these fakes made with different colors brass, black, silver finish and claiming they are more rare?

Not sure if the SEAL Trident used, is authorized for use on this coin? 

If you want a place holder for a Red Squadron coin, we would advise not spending anymore than $10-20 for a non sanctioned DEVGRU unit coin.

We know DEVGRU coins are tightly held, and super difficult challenge coins to acquire.