Scout Sniper 24th Marines 3rd Battalion Challenge Coin

  • $350.00

1 1/2 inch Challenge Coin

We do not condone the use of the Nazi "SS" sig rune symbol. and we denounce what it symbolizes. This coin is an extremely rare and collectible challenge coin due to the controversy surrounding the Scout Snipers using this symbol. They were told told to stop using this symbol in 2012 by Marine Corps leadership.  We know of this Marine Challenge Coin and one other which has the sig rune on it. 

This coin has the "SS" sig rune in the middle of the skull

Controversial use of the "SS" symbol

February 2012, U.S. media reported that Marine scout snipers had been using the double Sig rune (ϟϟ, "SS") in its "Armanen" form (Runic "ᛋᛋ") to symbolize their function since at least the 1980s.[1][2] The same stylized double rune was the symbol of the SS, the Nazi organization that was instrumental in conducting the Holocaust. Strong media criticism of this practice ensued. The Commandant of the Marine Corps gave orders to stop it, issued an apology, and ordered an investigation into the prevalence of this practice.[2]

A Marine official was quoted as saying that their leadership believed that the Marines did not understand the logo's significance.[2] The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, which had helped circulate an image of snipers posing with a blue "SS" flag, questioned this assumption, writing that the flag was sold by a website dedicated to German World War II and Nazi memorabilia.[3]