SEAL Team 7 / Seven, 1 Troop, Alpha Platoon 2019 Deployment Navy Challenge Coin

  • $2,250.00

This coin is 1 3/4 inches wide by 2 inches high.  This coin has excellent graphics and verbiage.  Circa 2019.

The infamous Navy Chief Gallagher trial and Navy scandal.  He was charged and went during trial time this coin was created.

The coin is a hard find.

Politically incorrect images: (1) head spiked on a trident and (2) sexy devil girl.  

Scandal and Trial information from Wikipedia:

Edward R. Gallagher (born May 29, 1979)[1] is a retired United States Navy SEAL who came to national attention in the United States after he was charged in September 2018 with ten offenses under the Uniform Code of Military Justice over accusations that he fatally stabbed an injured 17-year-old ISIS prisoner, photographing himself with the corpse, and sending the photo to friends.[2] On July 2, 2019 Gallagher was convicted of posing for a photograph with the corpse, but was acquitted of all other charges after a member of his team, who had been granted immunity as a witness against Gallagher, testified that he, not Gallagher, killed the prisoner.[3]

Gallagher also attracted controversies and investigations, although few formal reprimands. He was the subject to an investigation of the shooting of a young girl in Afghanistan in 2010, but was cleared of wrongdoing.[10] He allegedly tried to run over a Navy police officer with his car in 2014 after being detained at a traffic stop.[9] By 2015, Gallagher had acquired a reputation as someone who was more interested in "fighting terrorists" and less interested in compliance with rules.[9] During his eighth deployment in 2017, Gallagher's aggressive side was seemingly amplified during the Battle for Mosul, wherein the mission was to serve in an advisory role instead of direct action. Gallagher was subject to a number of reports from fellow SEAL team members of actions not in keeping with the rules of war, but these reports were dismissed by the SEAL command structure.[10] Only after the reports gained visibility outside the SEAL community, were they acted upon and referred to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).[9]

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