Tactical Air Control Party TACP Special Operations 1991 Air Force Challenge Coin

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Tactical Air Control Party



"DUKE" Version

Special Operations


Air Force / Army Challenge Coin 



Condition:  Used, and very good shape.  Please see pictures

This coin is 1 5/8 inches in diameter bronze challenge coin with a smooth edge.

Copyright:  DKP (engraved on edge of challenge coin)

Artist:  DUKE (part of die-cast, just below TACP insignia, actually two TACP personnel designed this coin and they used the name DUKE).  Original artwork shown in images 4 and 5.

NOTE:  This challenge coin version of is rare.  They only minted 750 of this smooth edge version, from this die-cast in 1991. 

There was an earlier version made in the 1984 with a serrated edge, and the TACP folks had serial numbers engraved on them by Lilian's Trophy Shop, on Yadkin Rd Fayetteville, North Carolina.   The serial numbered versions were handed out to TACP members.  At the time their names/serial numbers were documented between 1984-86 .  Today, the serrated edge version of this coin are extremely rare, especially the one's with the engraved serial numbers.  We were fortunate enough to reunite one of these serial numbered coins with its original owner in 2016, 32 years after it was given out.

AFSOC Tactical Air Control Party

Being a conventional TACP is already a challenging and arduous task, but, couple that intensity with the demanding and specialized operations of the U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces, and U.S. Navy SEALs and you'd be describing the mission of an AFSOC TACP.

AFSOC TACP members deploy with Special Operations Forces as Joint Terminal Attack Controllers. Integrating air combat power and surface fires into the ground scheme of maneuver, they enable dynamic, synergistic, and lethal firepower on today's battlefield.

AFSOC TACP motto: "100%, and then some"

AFSOC TACPs are composed of Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) who provide terminal attack control and fire support expertise for all three Ranger Battalions, the 75th Ranger Regiment's Reconnaissance Company, U.S. Army Special Forces Operational Detachment A teams (ODAs), U.S. Navy SEAL Team platoons, and other Special Mission Units.

AFSOC TACPs are assigned to the 17th Air Support Operations Squadron at Ft. Benning and all four active duty CONUS Special Tactics Squadrons.

(REF:  TACP Wikipedia)