US Army Sniper School Serial Numbered Edge Type #1 Instructor Antiique Silver Finish Challenge Coin

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Army Sniper School 

 Skull & Snake


(I Came, I Saw, I Conquered)

Antique Silver Finish (Type 1)

Edge Serial Number

Army Challenge Coin


Condition: Used and in good shape.  Please see pictures.

This coin is 1 5/8 inches in diameter an original by DKP for the real challenge coin collector.  We have a very limited number of these original coins remaining.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is another dealer claiming they are selling the original US Army Sniper School challenge coin. Not sure of their proof or reason for making such a claim. We have original/physical business records from (Ret) Green Beret Lt. Col Don K. Phillips (DKP) with correspondence, invoices, original artwork and other documentation supporting the fact this coin/diecast is the premier US Army Sniper School Challenge Coin.  Included in the documentation is original order and design of this US Army Sniper School challenge coin and the patch.   US Army Sniper School's procurement documentation for both their initial coin and patch provide solid and credible facts related to manufacture of their items.

Copyright:  DKP (Don K. Phillips) for the challenge coin

Manufacturer:  Green Duck Corporation, United States, Circa 1988.

Artist: TWA88 = Teddy W. Anderson / Made in 1988.  SFC Anderson designed the original concept drawings for the very first Army Sniper School challenge coin. He included his initials to copyright his artwork and design of this initial coin.  SFC Wright signed off on the creation of this initial Army Sniper School challenge coin, but all being said, it was a total team collaboration amongst all the instructor cadre.  All sniper school instructors staff chipped in to fund the initial run of these challenge coins. 

The Army Sniper School started in 1987, and subsequent copies of this original diecast, pale in comparison to the details of the first coin.  

LATIN to ENGLISH: VINI VIDI VICI is I Came I Saw, I Conquered

We know of 4 different types of this coin, with the actual unit diecast:

Type 1 - Antique silver finish, instructor staff's Official coin (Serialized on Edge). 

Type 2 - Bronze initial version, made for students.

Type 3 - Gold plated, students. guests, and general use.

Type 4 - Gold plated with bake enamel, students, guests, and general use.

Image examples are provided for reference and history only.  

Original artwork, correspondence, order invoices from the sniper school and coin designer are also provided for reference only, and not part of sale. 

The diecasts and types were officially made by school sniper instructors, for the staff, sniper students and visitors.


The US Army Sniper School was established in 1987, at the Infantry Center at Fort Benning, GA, and continues to produce top-notch snipers today. Its continuous existence reflects the longest sniper training course in the history of the US Army and is a testament to the high priority sniper training now enjoys among the Army’s leadership. Following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, the U.S. military entered into combat operations in Afghanistan under Operation Enduring Freedom. Snipers proved themselves as an invaluable asset due to their ability to engage targets at great distances in a mountainous battlefield.[2]

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