US Army Sniper School ser#0058 Type #1 Instructor Antiique Silver Finish Challenge Coin

  • $175.00

Condition : Used and in good condition.  Please see pictures.

Copyright:  DKP

Artist: TW88 (Initials of Army Sniper Instructor which designed this coin in 1988) Note the Army Sniper School started in 1987.

This coin is 1 5/8 inches in diameter an original by DKP for the real challenge coin collector.  

LATIN to ENGLISH: VINI VIDI VICI is I Came I Saw, I Conquered

We know 4 different types of this coin, with the actual unit diecast:

Type 1 - Antique silver finish,  instructor staff type. 

Type 2 - Bronze, students, guests, and general use.

Type 3 - Gold plated, students. guests, and general use.

Type 4 - Gold plated with bake enamel, students, guests, and general use.

The diecasts and types were officially made by school sniper instructors; for the staff, sniper students and visitors.